Emergency Stanningley Bypass road closures announced


Stanningley Bypass will be closed for five nights this week to allow for emergency repairs to concrete joints in the road.

The road will be closed eastbound from 8pm until 6am the following morning, starting from today (Monday, 31 July) and continuing until Friday, 4 August.

The June ‘speed hump’ was caused due to concrete buckling in a heat wave.

The bypass was last month at the centre of safety concerns when the latest in a series of improvement works saw a ‘speed bump’ develop in the centre of the road due to a heat wave (pictured above).

Underlying concrete slabs had buckled due to the heat, creating sharp bumps in the road. Remedial work was carried out at the time.

One motorist said on Facebook at the time:

“It is the busiest commuter route between Leeds and Bradford. It has been in awful condition for months if not longer but finally, you started to work on it. However, to find that work has caused what I believe to be an illegal obstruction on a 60mph road is unacceptable.

“Slightly further down the same road is the Leeds-Bradford cycle path which has been implemented at a cost of between £20-30 million, great for those who use it. But would it not have been better to first resurface what is a very broken, extremely busy, road?”

Leeds City Council has announced a number of diversions. These include

1. Primary Diversion (southbound traffic); – via Stanningley Road, Town Street & Bradford Road.

2. Slip-Road Diversion 1; – via Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Bypass (inbound), Henconner Lane & then via the above primary diversion

3. Slip-Road Diversion 2;
– via Swinnow Road, Swinnow Road and then as slip-road 1 diversion above.

4. Slip Road Diversion 3; – Ring Road, Pudsey Road, Hough Side Road, Lowtown; and then either;
a. Lidgett Hill, Richardshaw Lane and then via slip-road diversion 1; or
b. Church Lane, Chapeltown, Uppermoor, Waterloo Road, Galloway Lane and Bradford Road

5. Slip-Road Diversion 4; – via Henconner Lane Stanningley Road, Henconner Lane and the above primary diversion

Work to resurface parts of the Bypass started back in April.

UPDATED: 6.31pm: This article was amended to clarify that work ends at 6am not 6pm.


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