Credit Union: One of Bramley’s best-kept secrets


I have lived in Bramley since 1962/3 when my father retired from the Army, his family lived in Bramley, his father was a master tailor who moved here in the 1920s, writes Sheila Hogg. Since then I have moved away and returned when my own husband retired from the Air Force to become a local homeowner.

I did not know that there was such a thing as a Credit Union in Bramley.


When I retired I looked for something to do as a volunteer, after a stint working for CAB I decided it was time to look for something that did not involve going into town.

I was lucky to be asked if I would like to get involved with the Credit Union as a volunteer. Knowing nothing about how one worked I was glad that training was available.

The office in the Community Shop, Bramley Shopping Centre is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am till 12pm.

Recently our interest rates have been reduced and remain competitive with other similar lenders.
All we ask that any interested person become’s a member, save a little for a few weeks to show commitment before a loan is requested, this is to try and get the saving ethos into new members. The amount available would depend on personal circumstances of the applicant.

We are a small team of volunteers who are friendly, approachable and do our best to help even if the clients circumstance change.

Small loans

For example, going to one of the “Rent to Buy” shops to get a washing machine could cost £5-6 per week for five years total cost would be well over a thousand pounds but a small loan from the Credit Union of £300 at the same £5-6 per week would be paid in about 15 months (all these figure are just examples) a loan quote would give a true and accurate time scale.

If you require further information, this can be supplied by our volunteers in the shop, or by visiting our website.

Or you can contact us via email on and someone will get back to you, or we can post out our leaflet and a members form if you supply a contact address.

We are also looking for more volunteers so we can extend our opening hours. Age is no barrier all we ask is that you are friendly, approachable, and willing to learn new things.

Training on the different task involved will be provided when the volunteer has decided what they would like to do. All we ask is that the volunteer becomes a regular saver with the credit union by becoming a member, this should allow the volunteer to be able to pass on the saving ethos to interest parties.

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