Councillor’s concerns over new digital advertising board proposal


An application for a digital display board has been submitted on Bradford Road, Stanningley.

The application, by Lancaster-based Project Digital UK, would see the introduction of a LED advertising board, five metres wide by three metres high near to Stanhall Avenue. Images displayed are to be static, with each display to last a minimum of 10 seconds.

The proposals have already come under scrutiny from Councillor Peter Carlill (Lab, Calverley & Farsley). He said: “Similar to the applications submitted for the billboards further up Bradford Road I will be objecting for the following reasons:

“Height: the new billboard proposed looks to be much higher than the existing and will stand out above other buildings when viewed from nearby residential properties.

“Amenity for residents: this is a residential area. The current billboards are unlit and do not stand above residential properties. The new unit is higher and illuminated, so would be in a direct line of sight for residents, especially around Stanhall Mews, Stanhall Avenue and West Terrace/West Grove Street.

“Highways safety: There are a number of entrances and exits off the street at this location, and lots of existing clutter. Digital displays would create additional distraction and clutter in this busy and dangerous location.”

The plans can be viewed in full – and commented upon – here.


  1. Hopefully this application does not get passed. These digital signs are ridiculously bright, and very distracting for drivers when they change every few seconds. As the article says there is a lot going on visually in this vicinity, and this is not a small sign…


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