Council presses ahead with Armley road safety scheme

The junction of Hallidaty Avenue and Armley Ridge Road, Armley. Photo: Google

By John Baron

Council chiefs are set to press ahead with parking restrictions to improve road safety in Armley – despite a local objection.

In a council report published this week, highways officers say they will push ahead with parking restrictions aimed at restoring sight lines for vehicles entering and exiting the junction of Halliday Avenue and Armley Ridge Road, while preventing vehicles from causing obstructions.

The original scheme proposed double yellow lines along the entire length of Halliday Avenue and Armley Ridge Close.

An objector had complained that the proposals will cause problems elsewhere by displacing cars and requested that blue badge parking also be removed as well as the proposed no waiting at any time restrictions.

The council report concluded that the blue badge parking and one length of the no waiting at any time restriction should be removed from the proposal, but other proposed restrictions at the junction to remain to improve visibility.

“The proposals will displace a small number of vehicles throughout the nearby area as parking is removed, but this negative is mitigated by the benefits,” it added.

Armley councillors support the scheme, which is one of eight being proposed across Armley ward.

The council report can be read in full here.

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