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Could stray cricket balls scupper Farsley homes plan?

A drinking establishment and a funeral directors could make way for five houses in Farsley, if plans are approved later this week.

Plans have been submitted to demolish The Manor function suite – formerly Mick Brittons – and the nearby Chapel Of Rest on the green belt site off Stony Royd.

Applicant Jayne Verity wants to build the four-bedroomed detached homes with garages in their place.

But Sport England has objected due to the potential disturbance from stray balls from the cricket pitch, which is situated next to the application site.

Sport England says protective netting 25 metres high must be provided to the southern and western boundaries of the cricket pitch and that management and maintenance of these should be carried out by the applicant and not the cricket club.

Cllr Peter Carlill (Lab, Calverley & Farsley) said:

“Although I support the scheme in principle, I note the comments from Sport England and am aware of difficulties in the local area with ball strike to properties from the neighbouring cricket club, causing both danger to residents and damage to property, and impacts on the activities at the club which are concerned about having to scale back their matches.”

Farsley Cricket Club added:

“We as a club have no objections to the proposed development in principle, but we must reiterate the comments from both Sport England and Cllr Carlill.

“While ball strikes are a -rare occurrence, there is nonetheless a potential risk due to the proximity of the dwellings to the cricket club. We would like a clear understanding of the potential risk to our sporting activities if the application is approved. “

The plans – which can be viewed in full here – are recommended for approval in principle by council planning officers, subject to a raft of conditions being met by the applicants.

The planning officer says the erection of stop netting to the western boundary is “considered reasonable … however, the requested 25m high stop netting as specified by Sport England is considered to be unacceptable, in terms of the impact upon character [of a green belt area]…”

Councillors on the south and west plans panel will meet on Thursday afternoon to decide on the proposals.


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