Carry on ‘Working From Home’ – Pudsey theatre company captures life in lockdown


Words: Michelle Corns

Photos: Gerica McMullen

Prosecco in your pjs or breakfast with a briefcase – what would you choose? A Pudsey-based based theatre company is set to premiere an insight into life in lockdown.

Two friends are working from after being isolated together during lockdown. They both, however, have very different approaches to this. One likes to remain professional and business-like, the other goes to work in her pyjamas. What follows is hilarious.

Working from Home is a short comedy – part of the Resilience Project. It is written and performed by Sharon Winn and Christine Jackson, both members of the Invisible Pain Theatre Company (IPTC).

A short comedy about lockdown. Photo: Gerica McMullen

The company is the brainchild of director Gerica McMullen, who wanted to use her acting and theatre experience to support people who were experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Both of these conditions can be extremely debilitating for sufferers, yet are very often misunderstood. During the pandemic, a study at Leeds University suggested that social isolation led to an exacerbation these symptoms.

IPTC made sure that its members stayed connected by holding weekly drama sessions on Zoom, which is ongoing throughout the Covid-19 epidemic.

Working from Home premieres on YouTube on 31 January at 7pm. You can get access by clicking this link.


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