Calverley Scareycrow Festival: a spooktacular success


Are you terrified by The Ghost Of Carr Hill Drive or does The Victoria Street Witch scare the pants off you?

The annual Calverley Scareycrow Festival has kicked off in the village – and local residents are being urged to choose between dozens of Hallowe’en inspired scarecrows and vote for their winner.

Check out the full list of entries here. Paper-based votes for Calverley’s Crop Idol are also taken at Calverley News and Calverley Best One.

The event has been organised by Creative Calverley, a voluntary group which aims to bring people of all ages and abilities together to have fun and build a stronger sense of “community”.

The winner of the scarecrow/scareycrows festival will be revealed at midnight on the 31 October/1 November.

More information on Scareycrows and wider Hoptober Fest celebrations in the village can be found here.

Check out some of the Scareycrow chatter on Twitter below:


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