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Calverley Rotary appeals for donated items to support good causes

The Rotary Club of Calverley is appealing for items of clothing, shoes and handbags for its next charity collection.

Every penny raised from these goods goes into the club’s charity account. A spokesperson said:

“We then use the money to help provide things like Christmas lunches, fruit boxes for people living in sheltered accommodation, Live at Home activity packs and local foodbanks.

“This year it has been very hard as we have not been able to have any fund raising but we are determined to carry on with our work.”

If you have any items you would like to donate members will be collecting items on Wednesday 23 June between 10.30am to 11am at the junction of Rushton Street and Capel Street in Calverley.

Club nets £1,000 grant

The club’s charity account has also benefited from a £1,000 grant from the Freemasonry and Lieutenancies Partnership Fund. This scheme is a partnership between the Lord-Lieutenancy’s Office in West Yorkshire and the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding to help worthy causes in West Yorkshire.

When making the grant they ssaid:

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for the excellent work that you do. The Lord-Lieutenant and the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding are pleased to be associated with you and hope that your success goes from strength to strength.”

The will help volunteers at Calverley Rotary continue to provide fruit boxes for elderly people, assisting Live at Home Schemes, and providing meals to homeless people.


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