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Calverley pupils fundraise to save rare animals

Five girls from Calverley CE Primary School who are campaigning to save animals threatened with extinction have raised money for an animal charity.

The girls, Eve Butcher, Sophie Bowler, Maggie Spruyt, Rosie Taylor and Grace Sutton, started their campaign by forming a club called Animal Rescue Team. They promoted its aims with a leaflet which they handed out in the school and on the school website.

The leaflet says:

“Some animals are seriously endangered and we need to help them. Our club is trying to stop the extinction of some of these fascinating creatures but we need more members to help us reach our goal. Can you join our club to save an animal’s life?”

The girls raised £145 for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust with a stall at the recent school picnic. They baked and sold buns and biscuits, held a raffle and charged people to guess the name of a teddy called Matilda to raise the money.

Eve said:

“We all love animals and formed the Animal Rescue Team to save red squirrels, snow leopards, giant pandas and tigers.”

Deputy headteacher Dawn O’Hara said:

“We are really pleased with the way the girls have raised awareness of the plight of animals threatened with extinction and also raised money for an animal charity.”


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