Calverley Bridge earmarked for £2.25 million repairs

calverley bridge
Calverley Bridge spans the River Aire. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Historic Calverley Bridge is set for a major overhaul, according to a council report on highways repairs this week.

Calverley Bridge is earmarked for £2.25 million of ‘concrete repairs’, according to the Highways Infrastructure Maintenance Programmes (Structures), which recommends £7.1 million of works across the city.

The works are expected to be carried out in the next financial year (2024-25).

Calverley Railway Bridge is also set for investment. The remote monitoring system is due to be removed, along with the replacement of vehicle restraint system and painting refurbishment at a cost £90,000 in 24-25 financial year. A further £550,000 is allocated for 2026/26 onwards.

The report states: “The council’s highway structures are continually monitored for condition and maintenance needs. Prioritised planned maintenance and strengthening programmes are developed to maintain the assets in a safe and serviceable condition appropriate for their use.”

The full report can be read here.


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