Burley: Meeting will discuss speeding quad bike problems


Problems with speeding bikes and quad bikes in the Burley area will be discussed at a meeting next month.

Concerned local residents will meet with three Kirkstall ward councillors Fiona Venner, Lucinda Yeadon and John Illingworth, the chairs of the two Burley residents’ associations Adele Rae and Vincent Simpson, the police and the council’s Highways department.

The meeting will be on Thursday, 3 August, at 7pm at the New Burley Club on Burley Hill Drive. All welcome.

One resident said:

“We are experiencing a crazy amount of quad bikes/motorbikes/cars joyriding around Stanmore Hill/Knowle Terrace.

“These louts don’t appear to acknowledge that people could be knocked down, particularly when we hear them skidding around corners at 50 mph.”

Calling the meeting, Cllr Venner (pictured above) is asking residents where the problem is worst. E-mail her on fiona.venner@leeds.gov.uk


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