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Broad Lane: Tight fit as generator winds way to Kirkstall

It was a tight fit as a wide load carrying a 335-tonne electricity generator to Kirkstall wound its way through the streets of West Leeds yesterday.

The load, which came from Goole Docks, was accompanied by a police escort.

broad lane wide load
The wide load mtravels slowly along Broad Lane. Photo: Jeremy Capp

Photographer Jeremy Kapp captured the moment the wide load – almost 90 metres long – squeezed its way along Broad Lane, Bramley.

broad lane wide load
The load passes Bramley Baths. Photo Jeremy Kapp
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Crowds lined the streets of Bramley to see the load, which travelled at a slow speed to accommodate its size on the roads.

Broad lane wide load
The new generator was lifted into place in Kirkstall. Photo: Jeremy Kapp

The generator was liften into place at Kirkstall sub-station, off Redcote Lane.


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