Bramley Wombles (and others) tackle eyesore with socially distanced litter pick

bramley wombles
Volunteers at the clean-up. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Words and photos: Simon Cullingworth

Volunteers have come together can carried out a litter pick on the embankment near Stanningley Bypass – an area which is a particular black spot for fly tipping and littering.

Members of the Bramley Wombles litter picking group felt a clean up of the area was long overdue as years of rubbish had accumulated amongst the trees and brambles.

Bramley Wombles founder member Andrew Hardaker said:

“I reckon we had 20 volunteers. Besides Bramley Wombles we had pickers from Keep Armley Tidy, Litter Free Pudsey and Horsforth Litter Pickers. After a couple of recounts we decided on 57 bags all filled by volunteers.”

Bramley & Stanningley councillor Kevin Ritchie is one of the driving forces behind the Wombles and also took part in the litter pick. He said:

“It’s great that even during the pandemic we can arrange socially distanced clean ups and they are so well supported by the local community. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Want to join the Wombles? Check out their Facebook group here. More details on Keep Armley Tidy can be found here and Litter Free Pudsey here.

West Leeds Dispatch is about to launch a West Leeds Spring Clean campaign to encourage more people to take a pride in their community. Keep your eyes peeled for more details!


  1. I am so grateful to all the Wombles who collected so many bags of rubbish from the by pass embankment. As someone who suffers from the roadside rubbish landing in my garden, it is really appreciated. The rubbish is not just from kids and adults walking on the pavement, but the local garage and the various roadworks that happen along the footpath. Since the railings were removed to make way for the cycle lane, more rubbish has made its way on to the embankment that is an eyesore from our windows. I had reported it to the council/highways dept a few times over the years, but nothing happened. I have ended up with traffic cones, piping and all sorts or debris from road/pavement/cycle lane “improvements” in our garden or in sight through the garden fencing. I have cleared rubbish in the past, but never managed to clear it all and it is back within a few weeks. The trees all need trimming to give more light to the embankment area, so it is not a dark area for hide in. Over the years i have caught people peeing down the embankment, thinking it was quiet and out of sight from the road users, but we have been at home and told them what we thought of them, especially when kids were at home. If anyone has any influence with the council/highways to trim the overgrown and in some cases dangerous trees please let me know. Once again, THANK YOU – BRAMLEY WOMBLES. & Kevin Ritchie.


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