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Bramley Shopping Centre: Car park works mark start of redevelopment

The owners of Bramley Shopping Centre have outlined their vision to revitalise the area.

Ambitious plans by Rockspring include resurfacing the car park at the front of the centre, with work starting on Monday. There are also plans to:

  • convert Bramley House offices into more than 30 flats
  • build two new shop units at the centre
  • revamp Stocks Hill Parade

The centre’s front car park off Lower Town Street will be out of commission for up to eight weeks while it’s being resurfaced. Temporary overspill parking will be available around the back of the centre.

Shoppers will also benefit from a new taxi shelter and trolley park off Waterloo Terrace. There will also be new signage and infromation boards, as well as a revamped CCTV system.

A spokeswoman for Rockspring told The Dispatch:

“The car park works are going to involve the reconfiguration and resurfacing of upper car park to create a new parking environment much improved from what is there at the moment.”

Bramley House

Rockspring is currently in negotiations with a Leeds-based residential developer to convert the old Bramley House office block into more than 30 private rented flats.

The spokeswoman added:

“Rockspring has received planning permission under permitted development rights to convert the building and they are currently in negotiations with a developer. This is anticipated to begin in the second half of this year.”

Longer term vision

“Rockspring’s longer term vision involves the erection of two new standalone units at the centre,” added the spokeswoman. “One at the rear and one at the front in the upper car park. They are not in talks with any retailers for these units at present as the current priority is to repair the upper car park and the general amenity of the centre.

“Other initiatives involve revamping the Stocks Hill parade (opposite the bus stop) with new street furniture, and repairing and renewing all of the canopies.”

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  1. Sounds exactly what Bramley has needed for at least the last 15 years or so. This is long overdue – that car park has so many potholes I stopped taking my car there.

    Now if only someone could sort out the idiots that congregate around there on a night ….

  2. Need t ‘re think exit of car park as its a nightmare getting out so close t traffic lights it’s needs.putting nearer t post office. Other than that it will.Be gd so needed and back cat park could do with doing as huge pot holes

  3. I would like to ask if the developers are going to do anything about the ridiculous right turn exit from the centre. The shops are losing so much trade as it is easy to get into the centre but far, far, worse to get out. You try to turn right whilst traffic is coming into the centre from your left, crossing in front of you, and you have to wait for someone on Bramley Town Street heading towards the lights to let you out into the traffic. This is not good at all and dangerous!!!!
    I avoid the centre if at all possible for this very reason. It only needs an exit road nearer to the post office end of the centre to ease this problem.

  4. And how long do they think any of it will last with all the little rogues that hang around the centre and cause trouble? I’ve walked onto the centre at different times and heard them shouting and carrying on at passers by. Not to forget the kids that ride around at all hours on scooters causing nothing but havvoc. It’s disgusting but hopefully the new cctv system will catch the little bleeders and something will be done to stop them before anything else gets ruined.

  5. i used to go every Saturday with my mum doing shopping at the former morrisons bramley shopping centre site. i really enjoyed going there every saturday on the weekend, it was cool to go there and at some point i maybe paying a visit to Bramley Shopping Centre

  6. ive been contacted by a few people who say that while the renervation work at bramley shopping centre car park was a disruption and they had to all use the limited parking at the back where farmfoods is they have recieved a fine for parking it was on the shopping centre site due to the inconvenience no parking restrictions were in force what a joke has anyone else had a fine or told the disruption would not affect shoppers

  7. What a shame that so much time and money has been spent on the car park, yet the common sense involved in the planning of it has been non existent. For example, if in the old car park you wanted to park around the Tesco/Post Office end, to find a space you would drive down the main strip (past Boots, Card Factory etc) and turn right on to one of the ‘horizontal’ parking strips and park up. You’d have turned off so you’d be out of the way of the others driving down. Easy peasy. Now however you’ve got to loop around the top past Poundstretcher and Gregg’s, then drive down the strip and find a space along the strip. The massive problem this has caused is that everyone is in each others way! Anyone turning into a space or waiting for someone to exit a space they want causes a queue behind them. Practically every time I go there this is the case. It’s such a terrible design.

    The other big thing that is lacking in the new design is that they haven’t created a separate exit at the Post Office end. So we STILL have the ‘right turn’ issue at the main entrance/exit. They’ve painted a ‘keep clear’ which in fairness does help a little bit, but that’s about all. When the traffic queues to leave the centre anyone who knows the place knows you form two queues – one for turning left, one for turning right. But any ‘strangers’ (or incompetent/selfish drivers) queue in the middle! This obviously causes delays to the people who want to make a quick left hand turn! Why couldn’t a simple line have been painted with an arrow for each direction?

    I go to Bramley Shopping Centre every few days because it’s hugely convenient for me. But as a loyal shopper I feel totally let down every time I drive through the car park.

  8. Is plans in place to reduce parking at the front car park and allocate spaces for the flat tennants. The rear Car park should be used for Tennants as it was used for employees working at the Car Care Plan


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