Bramley: Former pub car park to be auctioned off

full circle
The site is next to Full Circle funeral directors in Broad Lane, Bramley. Photo: Google

A former pub car park in Bramley could be sold off for housing by cash-strapped Leeds City Council, documents have revealed.

The car park area at the former Globe pub in Broad Lane will be put up for auction, with a council document suggesting the site could accommodate up to a couple of new houses.

The site is owned by the council and had been let to the pub. A council report says:

“Disposal of this site would divest the council of ownership and maintenance costs and would generate a capital receipt to help support a wide variety of projects.

“…Planning advice received suggests the site may be suitable for residential development of say one to two houses.

“Given the potential alternative use, it is considered the best consideration that could be obtained for the site would be by a disposal on the open market by way of public auction. Whilst some interest has been expressed by the owners of the former public house, which now operates as a funeral director, it is considered that the highest potential capital receipt that could be raised would be through an open market disposal.”

The pub closed a number of years ago and has now taken over by the Full Circle funeral directors.

Any new development of the site would have to be submitted to Leeds City Council for planning approval.

No concerns were raised over the sale by Bramley & Stanningley councillors.

The council report can be read in full here.

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  1. Just a thought if LCC is strapped for cash why are the putting irrelevant fencing/ barriers on Stanningley Park along side the irrelevant path they have built in the last couple of years?


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