Bramley: Calls for traffic measures at ‘danger junction’


Calls are growing for traffic calming measures to be installed after two cars collided at a junction in Bramley.

Paul Chatterton emailed The Dispatch to say two cars had been in a ‘significant’ collision on Victoria Park Avenue, at the junction with Lancastre Grove, at 8.45am yesterday morning.

He said there had been similar incidents on the road:

“The cars missed our children and several others on their way to school by 10 metres. We are deeply shocked.

“This is the second time in three years that the same kind of incident has occurred at the same junction. The last one destroyed our wall.

“Surely now is the time to act before there is a fatality?”

Mr Chatterton is one of the founders of the nearby Lilac Cohousing project in Bramley.

Local resident Joe Atkinson added on Twitter:

“…Particularly worrying that this occurred during the school run when loads of kids were about.”

Armley ward councillor Alison Lowe (Lab) said she had reported the latest accident and has asked highways chiefs for a long term solution to the problems.


  1. The YEP reported this as a collision with a parked car. I went past it yesterday and concluded that one of them had gone straight through the Give Way sign.

  2. I think some motorist should have a driver refresher coarse, just recently I have witnessed motorists taking corners and junctions at inappropriate speeds and cutting the corners by driving on the wrong side of the road. I wouldnt be at all surprised that this type of collision occured. Its only a matter of time before a child or elderly person is killed or seriously injured.


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