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Bramley boxer Jack Toye has eyes set on another title

By Liam O’Sullivan

Bramley boxer Jack Toye is preparing for his title fight on 14 October, which comes not long after a recent Super Welterweight title win at the Bramley Villagers event.

Jack ‘Pretty Boy’ Toye will take on Rob Jackson and will look to add another belt to his name. The fight will take place at TJ’s in Woodhouse in a McHugh Promotions event, which is run by Leeds boxer Scott McHugh.

The 18-year-old has an impressive 10 wins to his name already, and he’ll look to make it 11 in a massive fight for the youngster.

Jack has had a busy September, having his Bramley Villagers’ title-winning fight on 10 September. He then courageously took on a fight on the 24 September with only a week’s notice, where he was defeated by Bailey Brassington.

The boxer spoke to WLD about how much it means to him to represent Bramley and fight at a big event. He said: “It’s amazing. The feeling is indescribable. A local lad just doing bits for the community, I’m trying to put Leeds and Bramley out there on the map, showing young people no matter what’s going on in your life, you can do something with yourself.”

Jack’s dedication is admirable and his love for the sport is clear. He added: “I just love boxing. I started it when I was about 13, just for fitness, I went to my first boxing show, I watched all the lads fight and I just thought you know what, that’s a bit of me.

“Ever since my first fight I’ve just always wanted to get better and move forward with it.

“I took the fight on [the Bailey Brassington fight] two weeks ago. I took it on a week’s notice, Bailey’s a top level boxer and they’ve got plans for him to go pro. I got through four rounds against him so obviously I’m always trying to put myself up against the best of the best.”

The young boxer also tries to raise money for charity in his events. He said: “A few of my fights my mum helps set up charity buckets. I think there was one a few years ago for a friend of hers, her son had to go through some surgery, and it was going to cost a lot, so we put a bucket up at the show there to earn some money for them.

“At the Bramley event, it was quite personal to me. My sister has Down’s syndrome, and the charity ‘Sunshine and Smiles’ have done a lot for her over the years, and I found I could help out so I thought I would.”

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  1. Great article about Jack who presented himself well. He’s a hard lad obviously but his love of the sport his community and his family shone through. So looking forward to seeing him show what he’s made of in fight on 14th.


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