Bramley Baths closed due to ‘Beast from the East’


The ‘Beast from the East’ has caused problems with snow and freezing conditions for most of the week – and now Bramley Baths is the latest casualty.

The community-owned swimming baths on Broad Lane was closed today – and a further announcement on reopening isn’t due until Monday evening.

A statement posted on the baths’ website says the result of the extreme weather has been to cool the building, and the water, to a point where they have had to take the decision to close the whole building.

There will be a further update here at 9pm on Monday evening. The statement says:

“The cold spell has frozen the air-handling unit which has, in turn, impacted on our plant room. This is where the boilers are housed that maintain temperature for the building and for the pool. We can’t start to address the issue until the thaw has begun and, at the earliest, this will be Monday.”

Children’s swimming lessons will be rescheduled or reimbursed. Monthly members will have their membership extended.


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