Autumn tidy up in Charlie Cake Park


A small band of volunteers helped give Charlie Cake Park in Armley an autumn tidy up on Saturday.

Members of the Armley Common Right Trust cut the grass, weed, pick up litter and carry out general maintenance on the park.

Armley Common Right Trust was established after the Enclosure Act of 1794. Since then the residents of Armley have maintained the common land held by the trust.

There are six pieces of land protected by the trust: Hill Top, Charlie Cake Park, Moor Top (at the junction of Town St and Wortley Road), Armley Moor, Far Fold (over Theaker Lane from the Moor) and Ley Lane (beyond Mistress Lane).

To get involved, e-mail

Did you know that The Mekons, a British-American rock band formed in the late 1970s as an art collective, mention Charlie Cake Park in a song? Take a listen below:



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