Armley: Youngsters can still join member-led LS12 Theatre


LS12 Theatre, run by Interplay Theatre Trust, is a new youth theatre held every Wednesday evening in Armley, writes Harriet Meeuwissen-True.

Using a new independent approach to youth theatre groups, LS12 Theatre is run by its members who have the choice to decide what productions they would like to run and what role they will take in making it happen.

The group offers the opportunity for its members to develop skills in all areas of theatre and are therefore responsible for all aspects of the company, from advertising to lighting to performing, which is guided and facilitated by the group leader.

Interplay Armley
Interplay is seeking food donations. Photo: copyright Interplay

LS12 Theatre is also supported by local professionals in the community who will work alongside members and can offer their expertise in a specific areas.

The sessions are held on Armley Ridge Road in Interplay’s new theatre space.

There’s no prior experience required so why don’t you get on down to see what it’s all about!

Sessions are free of charge. It is suitable for ages 13-19, both with and without disabilities.

Get involved!

For more information or to book, contact Harriet on:
Tel: 0113 263 8556


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