Armley: Private members’ club could move to former pet store basement


Plans to move a private members’ club to a new location in Armley have been submitted to Leeds City Council planners.

Applicant M Cooper wants to move swingers club Pandora from its current base in a former shoe warehouse unit in Ledgard Way in Armley to a nearby basement unit used for storage associated with a pet store at 206 Armley Road.

The proposal includes a reception area, and bar serving only non-alcoholic drinks and 12 private rooms. Other facilities include changing areas, WC’s and ancillaryoffice/staff facilities.

A planning statement submitted with the application states: “The premises propose to provide a discreet, clean, safe and controlled environment for like-minded adults to meet and potentially engage in legal sexual activities, within the private rooms provided. The most accurate general description would be ‘a swingers club’.”

The statement adds that club offers a safe place for members to meet.

“The benefits of the club to the safety of members are substantial. “If such clubs were not to exist then members would be likely to look for alternative ways to meet like minded adults and engage with them if they were compatible,” the statement adds.

“All of the alternatives, such as meeting on the internet and then in public or private place are less controlled and ultimately less safe, particularly for more vulnerable persons.

“Although many people who meet outside of adult clubs are respectful people, some do engage in illegal sexual activity in public places, which is a problem in parts of Leeds area. The club will provide an alternative that will help to reduce illegal sexual activity in public.”

The applicant says there proposed use is not considered to be noisy when compared to a night-club. The group of buildings in the area share an 88 space car parking area.

The club would stay open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights, and to midnight on Thursday and Sunday.


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