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Armley Jail: Museum, flats or community resource?

Armley residents have come up with a host of different possible uses for the Leeds Prison site should the prison close.

As reported on Monday, the future of the prison is uncertain and subject to speculation.

Armley Jail could be closed and sold off for housing as part of Government plans to close some – currently unnamed – Victorian jails and build new prisons.

The possible closure has prompted a lot of discussion on Facebook on Twitter, with ideas ranging from converting the area into luxury flats, a prison or ‘ghost’ museum or a community facility.

Angela Beanland said on Facebook:

“It’s a wonderful building as was the house within the walls (but that got pulled down when they did the extension).”

Another said:

“The building itself is magnificent .. It could be a community development hub, resource centre, training centre .. So many things if the prison system is empty and looking to unload its resources.”

Stephen Clayforth added:

“I am in agreement with Armley prison being sold for housing as long as the facade of the building is preserved as it is an iconic landmark within Armley, West Leeds and Leeds in general. As long as there were certain safeguards for it and the park immediately in front, which also wants protecting as a heritage landmark being the scene of public executions including (I believe) the last public hanging outside of London.”

<blockquoteclass=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>

@WLDispatch It’s a listed building so it won’t be demolished. But I’d love the outer walls to come down, would make the area more attractive

— Fiona Pelly (@Pookygillies) November 10, 2015

Marie Varley added:

“It wouldn’t even be housing and would stay standing – it would be better as a prison museum. One of a kind!”

Harry Clough Smith said:

“They spent millions upgrading and keeping it going. Just stupid isn’t it to waste that money?”

Another resident said:

“It’s an awesome building. Would be a shame to take out the prisoners only to fill it with yuppies. My beloved Jack Fultons might become a Starbucks or something.”

What do you think? Have your say in the comments below.


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