Armley: Councillors and MP lobby for scheme to crack down on rogue landlords


Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves and the Armley councillors were joined by Leeds City Council Leader, James Lewis and Executive Member for Housing, Jess Lennox on a walkabout on the Little Scotland area of Armley.

Ms Reeves and the councillors are campaigning for a Selective Landlord Licensing Policy to be introduced in Armley which they say would make a positive difference to renters.

This scheme would aim to improve the management of privately rented homes by cracking down on rogue landlords and has already been introduced in other parts of the city.

Speaking after the meeting, Rachel Reeves MP said: “We know that disreputable landlords and unsuitable private housing is an issue in Armley. A selective licensing policy will help us address these problems head on. The Armley councillors and I will continue campaigning for this scheme to be rolled out in Armley as soon as possible.”

The selective licensing policy already works in Beeston and Harehills. The policy there includes:

  • If you rent out a property in one of these licensing areas, you need to apply to the council for a selective license and pay a fee. 
  • Anyone who is granted a selective licence, will need to comply with certain conditions which aim to keep tenants safe, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and ensure that properties are maintained to a satisfactory standard.
  • Some properties are exempt from needing a licence – eg holiday lets or when someone is renting to a family member.
  • These schemes are not ward-wide but cover a designated part of the ward where there is a high volume of private rented houses.


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