Armley company donates laptops to help West Leeds school children

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Armley-based electronics distributor Farnell is donating hundreds of laptops to support school children in Bramley, Wortley and Horsforth during the Coronavirus pandemic.

One hundred laptops have been decommissioned from business use and refurbished for schools, with more than 400 still to be donated to more schools over the next three months.

Simon Meadmore, Global Head of IP&E at Farnell, said:

“Like many businesses, Farnell periodically replaces its computers to ensure that equipment complies with corporate security standards. While decommissioned laptops can no longer be used by the business, they are still suitable for personal and educational use.

“Parents, teachers and children have faced many home schooling challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly those families without the necessary technology at home. We want to make learning easier for families and enable more young people in Leeds to maximise their educational potential.”

A spokesperson from Summerfield Primary School in Bramley welcomed the donation and said:

“All the staff and children at Summerfield Primary would like to say a massive thank you to Farnell for providing additional laptops for our children.

“Many of our children did not have the technology they needed for their home learning when we went in to the third lockdown and as a school we were not in a position financially to buy additional laptops for our children.

“This donation ensured all our children could access their learning and have regular contact with their teacher and friends throughout these challenging times.”

Farnell’s laptop donation programme will continue as the UK emerges from lockdown restrictions.

The company has a base in Canal Road in Armley.

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