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Armley advertising screen refused by planners for second time

Revised plans for an advertising screen off the A647 Stanningley Road in Armley have been refused for a second time by council planners.

Proposals included a new 48-sheet LED advertising screen at Armley Business Park and, according to a council report, were a resubmission of an identical application which was refused on the grounds of its visual impact.

A council planning officer’s report states: “It is considered that due to its size, location and illumination, the proposed panel is not appropriate to, and will result in harm to the character and appearance of the context of the surrounding area, which includes a number of Grade II listed structures.

“This application attempts to provide additional justification for the proposal in order to overcome the reason for refusal, however it is nevertheless considered to result in significant harm to visual amenity including the setting of the nearby Armley Gotts Park entrance and gateposts.”

The plans and documentation can be read in full here.


  1. These LED screens are a nightmare, not only because of their visual impact on their surroundings, but as distractions for drivers. They are ridiculously bright, and when they ‘change’ suddenly they almost make you jump as you’re driving past.


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