Appeal: Stolen puppies in New Farnley


Devastated owners have offered a reward for information on two puppies from a farm in New Farnley.

Kendal and Kevin are brother and sister, 14-week-old black and tan miniature pinscher puppies, who were stolen from a car parked at Fish Pond Farm, Hall Lane, New Farnley.

The theft occured on the foggy evening of 2nd November between 5.50pm and 6.30pm.

A window of the vehicle was smashed and the puppies were taken in their pet carrier.

One of the puppies is recovering from a broken leg, and requires urgent follow up veterinary treatment and check ups.

Owner Angela Chughtai said:

“We’re absolutely devastated. You don’t realise how much something like this affects you until it happens. We’re especially worried about Kevin as he needs special care because of his leg.”

Angela said the dogs were asleep in their pet carrier in her son’s car on the farm at the time. Her son was working in stables less than 40 metres away and never heard anything. She added:

“They smashed the car window with a rock – the glass must have gone into the pet carrier and onto the puppies as well.”

Both dogs areĀ  microchipped. They have been reported to the police, have a crime reference number and an officer assigned.

Anyone who has any information about these lost dogs should post here on the Dog Lost website.


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