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Calverley: Village off licence application to be considered

By John Baron

Councillors will next week decide whether to grant Calverley Village Store with a licence to sell alcohol off premises.

Members of the licensing sub committee will hear Milad Karimi’s application sell alcohol daily between 7am and 11pm at the Carr Road store.

There is one objection to the application, expressing concerns including street drinking on a bench nearby, the potential for anti-social behaviour and noise. It also expresses concern about increased illegal parking near a pedestrian crossing.

The applicant has agreed to meet all licensing objectives, and police have no concerns.

The committee will meet to consider the application at Leeds Civic Hall at 10am on Tuesday, 4 June at 10am. The agenda and council reports can be read in full here.

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  1. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be passed, the council is always agreeing to extra off-licences in areas where there are loads of them already, which certainly isn’t the case in Calverley. The dangerous parking on the crossing could be a problem, but the police are turning a blind eye to this situation all the time, so I’m sure they’ll carry on doing this.


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