Farsley author launches male fertility book

Book: Farsley author Scott Deighton and his family.

A Farsley resident has had a fascinating and unique book published about struggling with fertility, and his journey through IVF.

Scott Deighton, in his enlightening and candid book My Boys Can’t Swimtakes you on a compelling journey through the intricate world of men’s reproductive health.

Mr Deighton said: “I have been working on this story for five or six years. The inspiration came from the waiting room at a Yorkshire fertility clinic. Having just found out the news that I have issues with fertility, I realised there weren’t any books out there for males to read and help them through the experience.”

He said My Boys Can’t Swim is not just for men, women can relate too, understanding more about what their partner will be feeling.

The author added: “More and more people are coming to the realisation that they are struggling with fertility, especially close friends who I knew would find comfort in the book given the journey they are going through.

“I have also been inspired by my good friend and mentor Peter Margetts, the author of the book When’s Daddy Coming Home. He has pushed and encouraged me to get this over the line. His support has been immense.”

Mr Deighton, a director in a construction company, hopes his book will raise awareness around the taboo subject of infertility and will encourage males to open up about their journeys. 

“All I want is for someone to pick up my book and let me know that it has changed their mindset. I refer to the book as an arm around the shoulder, if it can give people that feeling then I have succeeded in my quest.”

From lifestyle choices to medical interventions, ‘My Boys Can’t Swim’ offers practical guidance on how to navigate the hurdles and enhance fertility in a male-centric context. The book can be bought here.

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