Lord Mayor reopens Fulneck Moravian Museum

Leeds Lord Mayor, Cllr Al Garthewaite, examines one of the displays at Fulneck museum. Photo: Damon Sugden

By Damon Sugden

The Fulneck Moravian Museum was honoured to be reopened by The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Al Garthwaite and Mayor’s consort Alderwoman Angela Gabriel.

They enjoyed their tour of the Museum and exploring its fantastic Moravian heritage, alongside Trustees who wore their traditional Moravian attire for the occasion.

Highlights of the items currently on display include the Fulneck Dramatic Society Centenary exhibition, Fulneck Street with the Fire Engine, and the Kitchen and Victorian Parlour. 

The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Al Garthwaite commented on their visit: “It’s a privilege and an honour to be here, I’m really enjoying it. It’s so interesting.

“I’ve been hearing all about the foundations of the Moravian settlement… and also about how Moravian churches were built up around the whole world. And that’s really good… Seeing the loom that was really interesting and of course, the Moravian people would have been busily occupied doing all their trades, including weaving.

“And then, of course, all the information about the Fulneck Dramatic Society, which has been going for a hundred years, which I think is wonderful. I look forward to coming and seeing one of their productions before too long, and another time I’ll come and see the church and go on the tour.” 

Alderwoman Angela Gabriel added: “We were here last year for the Vintage (Fulneck Classic) Car show, we had a cup of tea and a chat about the museum but didn’t have time to see it so we said we’d like to come again. We’ve really enjoyed it and found it interesting.

“I’m very appreciative of the flowers because usually the Lady Mayoress doesn’t receive any. The history and the effort all the volunteers have put in is fabulous. I volunteer locally and as a result of doing this job, I’ve realised that Leeds would come to a grinding halt without the volunteer contributions, thank you.”

With thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered on the day and also helped with the refreshments at the Boys Brigade.

The Museum will be open twice weekly to visitors on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2pm until 4pm, until September 14, and is free entry though donations to help with running costs are welcome.

Guided Fulneck settlement tours are now available from the Museum every Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30pm. There’s a spring discount until 4 May of just £2 a person (after May 4, the price goes back to its suggested price of £5 per person). To book a tour, phone Maureen Ingham on 07380 718391 to arrange a tour on the open day of your choice, and we will be happy to guide you around the fantastic Moravian settlement of Fulneck, and explore its amazing history.

Article and photos by museum trustee Damon Sugden.

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