Burley dentists extension refused by planners

Plans: Burley House Dental Care. Photo: Google

Plans to extend a popular Burley dental practice gave been refused for a second time by Leeds City Council planners.

Burley House Dental Care is based on the ground floor of a former house, with a residential apartment on the first floor. Plans included single storey side extensions and change of use of the first floor to dental surgery.

But council planners this week refused the application, saying the proposal was contrary to both local and national planning policy.

The applicant says the proposals were to allow the practice, based on Burley Road, to meet regulatory requirements. The proposal consisted of a modest extension to the front and another single storey extension to the rear to create a recovery room.

There would also have been a change of use of the first floor to create staff facilities, a decontamination room and medical supply store. An accessible WC would have been created on the ground floor.

But a planning officer’s report concluded: “The proposed single storey extensions would by reason of their scale, design and location, would result in an incongruous form of development that would fail to respect the character and appearance of the street scene and the established regular building line of the terrace along St Michael’s Lane and Knowle Terrace within this prominent corner plot.”

A planning statement submitted buy the applicant had argued: “The proposed extensions have been designed to address officers’ concerns on the previously refused scheme to achieve a reasonable design that is compatible and accord with the relevant planning policies to avoid overlooking, overbearing and over dominance of the proposed extensions on the adjoining property. 

“The scheme has been designed to be sympathetic with the host building as well as the immediate neighbourhood and context.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


  1. These extensions will make this end building very dominant, especially as it appears there is little in the way of extensions on the rest of this terrace. The owners should consider relocating this business, I’m sure they can afford to, does anyone know any poor dentists?

  2. Evidence of any impoverished dentists is entirely irrelevant. Ditto solicitors, pharmacists, train drivers, teachers, nurses and doctors. The current lack of provision of NHS dental services has become a crisis for tens of thousands of people. LCC has refused a request from a dental practice to increase their existing capacity. Good for them.


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