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West Leeds Dispatch is the people-powered voice of West Leeds, run by a group of passionate local residents.

We like to do things differently. Unlike other media in Leeds, we’re not run by a big national company. We have a community led board of volunteers and a team of community reporters made up of local people passionate about where they live. We are an independent grass roots organisation made by the people of West Leeds.

We have become a trusted source of reliable news and information, covering local news, council and public meetings – the ones the mainstream media often ignores but that directly affect our community.

Because we are run by West Leeds residents for the people of West Leeds we lead the way with coverage of local campaigns and issues. We also connect you with the latest on what’s being planned in your community, live blogs on flood warnings, and the latest local events.

All this from a team of dedicated but largely unpaid volunteers keen to do better by West Leeds!

Now we want to ensure the long-term sustainability of our project. And that’s where you come in: we’re inviting our loyal readers to become supporters of the West Leeds Dispatch, to help keep the lights on for our project and have a say in where we go next.

We will use the funds to pay for the basics like website hosting, running our e-mail newsletter and support our general running costs. We also aspire to start paying our editor, who gives countless hours each week to bring this all together.

Benefits include exclusive updates on our events, your name on our website and in print and exclusive WLD merchandise – and, of course, the knowledge your support is allowing independent community journalism to continue where you live!

Check the monthly price plans below to see which one suits you best and then sign up to help ensure the longevity of independent, local news coverage for West Leeds.

Please become a supporter today to help ensure there is always a free, independent voice in West Leeds, holding those with power to account and giving a much-needed voice to residents.

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