Feeding West Leeds: Create simple containers with milk cartons

27 July 2015

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Incredible Edible Kirkstall group is all about encouraging people to grow their own fruit and veg.

It’s healthy, nutritious and it’s often a lot cheaper than goin to the supermarket. In times when many are going without food, here’s a handy guide to creating something simple and fun that will keep your family fed.


What easier way to get the kids involved this summer than to create a small container garden? The added bonus is you don’t need much space for it …

Two pint plastic milk cartons cut off at the shoulder and drill holes in the bottom make great ‘free’ pots. Add some seeds and keep watered – within a few weeks you’ll have the plabts of your choice!

Check out the video below for some tips on growing in a container:

West Leeds Dispatch is running its Feeding West Leeds campaign to highlight food poverty in the area – and ways in which it can be beaten.

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