Upstairs Downstairs: What would you like to see on site?

8 December 2015

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What would you like to see the former Upstairs Downstairs club site in Armley?

The Armley Ridge Road club been closed for some time now and the building is on the market for more than £300,000.

The future of the club has been a hot topic for discussion on social media in the last few days. Here’s some ideas for what the site could be used for from readers …

“A community centre for all would be nice with activities spread out for all ages different times of the day that way everyone gets something out of it.”

“A decent restarant is sadly lacking in the Armley, Upper Wortley area.”

“A community hall or older persons meeting point. Older people need to a place socialise. They don’t just want services to come to them, or they only meet professional people and don’t mix with their peers.”

“What about a Toby carvery pub – nearest is Horsforth?”

“I think they should make it into a youth centre for all the kids will give them something to do and somewhere to go instead of hanging around places.”

What do you think? have your say in the comments below or take part in our just for fun poll below.

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